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Hey guys
I realize right now that there are so many events on this day.... but I just thought I would post up this information for anyone that perhaps wanted to drop by. I will be in attendance with the Low n Slow crew, who've had most of their cars featured on Hellaflush, Stance nation, Stanceworks etc etc....

From the creator of this event, Josh:

This event is a fundraiser to help the people that were affected in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Here is some basic information about the event.

Sunday, April 3: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
815 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA

The participants that wish to participate in this event will be asked to make a donation of $10 at the entrance. This will be asked of all participants whether you have a reserved spot or just roll in. Pedestrians that want to walk in will not be asked for a donation at the entrance. Once inside we will provide you with entertainment courtesy of Fingafresh from Vinyl Therapy. Dos Chinos food truck and a Tropical shaved ice truck will also be available at the meet just in case some of you get hungry. The food trucks have agreed to donate %10 of what they earn that day to us, so eat up!

With a lot of help from some friends I was able to get donations for a raffle that we will be having at the event. The shops and vendors that will be donating are Platinum Vip, Bowls, R1 Concepts, 9K racing, RHDJapan, and FYC. I don't want to give anything away, but i'll tell you that the raffle prizes are awesome!

Finally it comes down to where are all the donations going? The donations will be given to the temple (Hompa Hongwanji) which then they will donate all of what we earned to the BCA (Buddhist Churches of America). The BCA basically has all the temples affiliated with it collect donations and send it to the main temple in San Francisco where all the donations will be sent to Japan, Specifically the “Hongwanji’s Social Welfare Department” in Kyoto, Japan. The BCA has close ties to Japan, and the main Hongwanji temple is in Kyoto. Here is the site if you would like to check it out! Welcome to the BCA

With that said the last thing I would like to mention is please be respectful if you decide to attend, the temple was kind enough to use their lots so clean up after yourself! This is for a good cause so please use good judgment and no burnouts, racing, or cracking vtec. Basically nothing that will get you pulled over. Thank you!

If you have any questions or concern please don’t hesitate to email me!


P.S. If the lots do fill up we would ask you to please find parking in the surrounding areas and still attend the event. But make sure you use good judgment and park where parking is allowed. Thank you again.
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