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Redline Oil review.

I have posted some info on the other board.

I ran this oil test on mobil's 5-30 syn blend, drive clean plus, and was
very happy with results. But only at 3k on the oil. This test is the bogie
for what's to come.

I drained the oil at 3.5k and put in redline 5-30. I am amazed.
The low end torque is much better, the throttle response is nice, engine smoother and quieter. How do I know this is not my imagination, mpg is up from 21 to 24. I even recorded a 27.
And I am running harder than normal cause I like the new feel.
I was motivated by a loss of mpg after modifications. I have to disclose
I also cleaned a dirty K&N cai filter at the time. I use K&N oil filters and
magnetic drain plug.

I never noted a performance or mpg change with Mobil 1.

By the way, silicone was very low, this indicates good air filtration but
I do recommend reoiling the clean side of your K&N after initial use.
K&N also has a foam wrap that cleans better at only 2% air flow loss,
which I am planning to do.

I'll run an oil test at 4k miles on the redline and decide if I need
to drain or continue. When the redline is done I'm running the Amsoil
2000 next for comparison with oil test.

From what I learned I can save $300 in fuel per year at 15k miles per yr.
and better performance and enjoy the car more. It's worth $8/qt. Three cars in the family saves $700 per year fuel.

I'm pretty much done with my car, this is the only vehicle on the planet
worth a damn. If/when I get the hondata I have to get a dyno, but I
already know I am kicking ass. A guy
at work just got one, we are going to trade rides so I can remember
a stock TSX.


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thanks for the report
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