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Is it a big deal to remove the rear bumper cover ?

Got a slight ding at the seam between the bumper cover panel and the rear body panel, just at the rear wheel. After a few days I saw rust in the seam, where the impact not only took off some paint but also compressed and closed the normal 2 or 3 mm separation.

It would be great if the bumper cover could easily be peeled back enough to get sandpaper around the edge of the metal body panel to remove all the rust, before sealing it. If not I was thinking of using a 3M glass fiber sanding pen to try to squeeze in and take off as much rust possible, before touch-up painting as well as I can.

The ding by itself is hardly noticeable. I'd rather not go to a body shop yet - I had planned to get the bumper repainted only after accumulating some critical number of chips. Which would also be a good time to professionally take care of the adjoining metal panel's ding and the seam ...

Thanks for any suggestions.

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