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removing the engine :)

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hey guys.

im currently stock piling parts for a new engine build this year.
it will be my first complete build, so its a big step but something ive always wanted to do.

ive got an engine hoist at work and all the tools so thats cool.
plus all my buddys do racing so theyre allways rebuilding engines etc so i have help if needed.

so whos taken there engine out?

any hints tips?

i know pretty much what im doing i just wanted some advice from those of you who have already done it :)

i just need a workshop manual from somewhere
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I would start with a copy of the technician manual. If your a techy guy you can find scans in various places. Me personally I like to have the actual book in front of me. I got mine off eBay for not that much coin. Just make sure that the manual you get includes your exact year. Each year had its own little changes and quirks.

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What I like to do is hook up the hoist, and then go to town with a sawzall and bolt cutters! :grinno:

But in a seriousness, i like to get the big stuff out first (intake, battery and box, exhaust, radiator etc) The harness, i unplug from the car and leave it on the engine, it will save you from lots of pain. Pull the axles, and then hook up the hoist and start taking off mounts. If you have two people, its not a big job. My brother and i pulled it in four hours, with no trouble. I cant stress this enough LABEL EVERYTHING! it will make your life soooo much easier especially if its your first time doing it. Best of luck.
+1 on the labeling.
When I do any major work for the fist time I use a set of Nikko paint pens and colour code everything in groups. Just dots where obvious and numbers where it gets complicated.
ahh ive been collecting parts bags at work so i can put every nut and bolt in bags and label it. haha

yea i need to get hold of a manual. still im in nor rush.
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