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Hey everyone, I’d love some advice as well as recommendations for a major repair job coming up

I have an 04 6MT with 178,000 on the clock. I got her at 68,000 and man she’s been pretty great. Plenty of suspension repair and I did the full AC system two years ago. Otherwise I havent had to do much. Now, the clutch is slipping, power steering pump and rack are leaking pretty good and I’m sure I’m due for motor mounts. I’m up for dropping the sub-frame and doing all this at the same time so my question is what else would everyone recommend I replace while in there? I’m even debating taking to motor out all together and doing some extra preventative maintenance. (full cooling system, oil pump, oil seals) anyways I’d love any recommendations or advice or extra tips for a long the way.

Here’s a list of what I’m planning to replace:
Klutch kit (throw out, pressure plate, fly wheel)
Output shaft (CV joint ) seals
Rear main
Power Steering pump
Rack and pinion
All motor and transmission mounts

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You mentioned the cooling system already - the radiator must be getting close, is what I was thinking

As long as you're going at the clutch and slave cylinder and dropping the sub-frame, would you consider replacing and upgrading the differential to some kind of LSD? Aftermarket, or I believe the similar-gen Civic Si one would work.
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