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Replacing tires/TPMS Question

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My apologies if this topic is a noob question and if this has been mentioned before. I'm planning to replace my current tires with new tires and I have stock TPMS sensors. Can someone please explain:

Is this is an easy tire installation for the tire shop or would the tire shop need to do anything different because of the TPMS Sensors?

Where are the TPMS sensors located?

Is TPMS re-programming necessary after installing new tires?

Thanks in advance! :)
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The TPMS sensors are connected to the valve stems. I'm pretty sure the mechanic has dealt with this many times especially on newer cars.

And no, no need for programming just drive for few minutes and the computer should read it. If they ask for programming fee then they're ripping you such thing.
usually they replace the seals on the sensors which they call a sensor rebuilt fee. but generally should be no different.
^^Thank you for the responses. I have a bit more understanding of how the TPMS sensors look like now. Since, I am just replacing the tires on my stock OE rims, there is no need to purchase new TPMS sensors, correct? I can just re-use the TPMS sensors?
yeap, use the same old one
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