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Replica Body Kits

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Does ne body know where i can shop for replica body kits? Any type is good, i just need a site where i can browse around. Preferably a site in Canada.

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eBay got replica Mugen Accord Euro-R kit ... ~ but it's TSX's upper part mount on a Mugen DC5 bumper .. ~ i believe there is a very very cheap Kenstyle kit on eBay .. which is highly posible to be a replica .. ~~ good luck .. ~
btw .. there will be no replica Euro-R/OEM body kit in this point for sure .. ~ the prices are too low for these 2 to get a replica .. ~
yes ... 228 it's the bumper .. there is one on eBay saw a couple weeks ago .. ~not sure if it's still here and Boom Plus Toys guy told me it's DC5 Mugen bumper mount on the TSX Upper bumper ~ anyway it looks bad ... ugly ... :puke:
Akura .. it will be fine to get a replica lip kit ... but never go for a replica bumper kit .. the fitment is way from acceptable ~ even the lip kit sometimes....
my frd's replica C-West DC5 kit looks bad when u see the huge gap between the kit and the bumper ... ~ but with real kit .. u wont have any problems with fitment and ugly gaps .. ~ it's a pain in the ass to mount and sand the replica kit ~ however u wont notice it if u r in a distance or the car just drive by .. so it's really up 2 u and how good the installation is done .. ~ :spin:
228 said:
DC5 dumper on it must look wried.... :tard: --->like this??

agree with u...replica bumper are bad.......
haha .. yes .. it's very weird .. ~~ no holes on the sides .... and it's too round ... looks bad .. ~ and it's fiber glass too .. ~~
get a second hand body kit .. ~ ~and spent the rest on rims and coilover + CAI + header + cate-back then u r all set .. ~~
any one kno DC header is good or not ?? heard some ppl said it's off size .. but some others said it's great .. and it's cheap too haha .. ~ compare to Comptech's ~
yeah .. the old one .. i should go find the pic then u will kno wut i am talking abt .. ~
there are some modification made on the bumper la ..
it's a replica ~~ so they only use the DC5 Mugen's Shape ~ cuz there is no real replica Mugen Euro-R bumper out there but tons of fake Mugen DC5 bumper so i thinkn they took the replica DC5 Mugen and modifly the upper part to fit the TSX ... u got it ??????? :banghead:
yeah u can check Boom PLus Toys ... actually they alrdy sold a couple of them to the States ... and there is a white TSX with Mugen lip kit lives in Boundary :D stock with mugen lip only ~
i believe the front lip kit is abt 900CAD painted from BPT~
hey it's Ben's ride rite ?? ~ i heard from ur bro endless .. ~~yeah it will be a nice ride for sure :D .. ~~
so u gonn aput the Advans on soon ??
hahaha .. ~~ nice ~ ya i heard from ur bro. too ~ u have to post em up .. ~
seeking for rims :D ...
1 - 8 of 73 Posts
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