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Replica Body Kits

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Does ne body know where i can shop for replica body kits? Any type is good, i just need a site where i can browse around. Preferably a site in Canada.

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Mugen Accord Euro-R kit ???? i never saw it that the mugen front dumper????

i only saw the kenstyle from e bay........
Andynolife said:
yes ... 228 it's the bumper .. there is one on eBay saw a couple weeks ago .. ~not sure if it's still here and Boom Plus Toys guy told me it's DC5 Mugen bumper mount on the TSX Upper bumper ~ anyway it looks bad ... ugly ... :puke:
Akura .. it will be fine to get a replica lip kit ... but never go for a replica bumper kit .. the fitment is way from acceptable ~ even the lip kit sometimes....
my frd's replica C-West DC5 kit looks bad when u see the huge gap between the kit and the bumper ... ~ but with real kit .. u wont have any problems with fitment and ugly gaps .. ~ it's a pain in the ass to mount and sand the replica kit ~ however u wont notice it if u r in a distance or the car just drive by .. so it's really up 2 u and how good the installation is done .. ~ :spin:
DC5 dumper on it must look wried.... :tard: --->like this??

agree with u...replica bumper are bad.......
Akura said:
Do u guys think that getting an original bodykit is important? OR would u guys prefer getting a non-original one and spend the rest of the money to work on other parts of the car?
hmmm....i will get oem or jdm.....kit...........and spend the rest to rims and others.......but if i hv some extra disposal income, then i will buy a $ bodykit
DC 5 dumper exact fit to tsx ??? that should be the the old version of rsx rite? not 05
o...that's that only the mugen DC5 bumper fit tsx?
Andynolife said:
it's a replica ~~ so they only use the DC5 Mugen's Shape ~ cuz there is no real replica Mugen Euro-R bumper out there but tons of fake Mugen DC5 bumper so i thinkn they took the replica DC5 Mugen and modifly the upper part to fit the TSX ... u got it ??????? :banghead: ya............thx thx
Shrimp said:
There is a body kit that is really nice that i am very interested in. It was posted by Sazabi on 07-29-2004. I know it's awhile ago but it's really nice. It says it's a mugen kit....but i really doubt i can afford the real deal so i was wondering if ne body knew where i can get a replica?
the white one???? with rims?????
i think that is the mugen front replica for that... :banghead:
the top one..........the one with that the one u looking for?
Shrimp said:
I can't seem to find the body kit that you have mentioned on fact i can't find ne kits for the TSX on ebay.....but thx ne ways! he said, its not a tsx body kit....

it's a DC5 (RSX) mugen bumper (replica) and the bumper hv to be modify after u can fit on a tsx......

kenstyle (i think)
Shrimp said:
YEAH!!! that's the one! how much is it?? is it $550 from the site that you have posted? Is that in U.S or CDN?? Is that just the lip? No side skirts or the rear???
just the front lip.........that is in US.......not replica.......$$$$$
acutaly i saw one with this lip in vancouver already
Shrimp said:
Really?? Damn, wut color was it? Did it look nice?
for sure it's a white one....

sure his ride look nice......
here u go........clear one.......the one on right side
SAZABI said:
i would say horrible i know only kenstyle body kit hv replica for tsx.......
no front bumper price?
Bender Unit said:
Are you sure you want the Front Bumper Replace?
anyway, it cost. Around $1700CAD unpaint. I never asked the exact price.

of coz not...........just wondering what is the big number hahaa :rolleyes: 1700......crazy

i think boom plus toy are sellling mugen parts too....
they got the kit with price for painted...
NeoChaser said:
today i saw a tsx with oem kit and mugen spoiler
is that with the TE37???should be that guyz who own Rabata
Endless said:
if u want to see what the mugen full kit looks like then go to AJ next week...they will have a white one with the full bumper kit/spoiler with advan rims and coilovers/exhaust...
wow...advan rims..mugen full kit, ...coilover...exhaust....all from mugen or?? $.$
should be a nice ride.........
Bender Unit said:
Yeah, I spotted that PWP with TE37 & Mugen Spoiler before, too.

Rabata in Richmond Cosmo Mall? Isn't it closed down already.
oh closed already???? :shock: so fast?
Endless said:
t1r coilovers and exhaust...too bad i will be away in hk next week or i'd go check out the installation
t1r is a brand under AJ right??? too bad...u can't check out the mugen kit installation.....
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