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Replica Body Kits

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Does ne body know where i can shop for replica body kits? Any type is good, i just need a site where i can browse around. Preferably a site in Canada.

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There is a body kit that is really nice that i am very interested in. It was posted by Sazabi on 07-29-2004. I know it's awhile ago but it's really nice. It says it's a mugen kit....but i really doubt i can afford the real deal so i was wondering if ne body knew where i can get a replica?
Andynolife said:
eBay got replica Mugen Accord Euro-R kit ... ~ but it's TSX's upper part mount on a Mugen DC5 bumper .. ~ i believe there is a very very cheap Kenstyle kit on eBay .. which is highly posible to be a replica .. ~~ good luck .. ~
btw .. there will be no replica Euro-R/OEM body kit in this point for sure .. ~ the prices are too low for these 2 to get a replica .. ~

I can't seem to find the body kit that you have mentioned on fact i can't find ne kits for the TSX on ebay.....but thx ne ways!
228 said:
the white one???? with rims?????
i think that is the mugen front replica for that... :banghead:
the top one..........the one with that the one u looking for?
YEAH!!! that's the one! how much is it?? is it $550 from the site that you have posted? Is that in U.S or CDN?? Is that just the lip? No side skirts or the rear???
228 said:
just the front lip.........that is in US.......not replica.......$$$$$
acutaly i saw one with this lip in vancouver already

Really?? Damn, wut color was it? Did it look nice?
228 said: he said, its not a tsx body kit....

it's a DC5 (RSX) mugen bumper (replica) and the bumper hv to be modify after u can fit on a tsx......

kenstyle (i think)

That's not a bad kit. But the pictures aren't too clear. Thanks for showing me!
SAZABI said:
that's mugen kit with lip, but not bumper.
AJ has the front mugen lip in stock
How much are they selling it for?
228 said:
here u go........clear one.......the one on right side
Ohhh this one. Ugh, i don't really like this one then. It looked better on the smaller image you posted earlier. I think i saw post where some one is selling the replica to this kit for a relatively low price. I don't remember where i saw it tho.
1 - 8 of 73 Posts
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