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We needed a thread for the great plains !
Lots of straight roads to open up the new TSX on.

Just got my new TSX 3 days ago:

- Premium White Pearl
- 6 speed
- Ebony Interior
- OEM Aero Kit
- Bronze Tint
- no Navi

Will be posting Pics later this week about Friday when I have the aero kit and tint in place. My link will be:

Anyone else from Sask. or wherever holla back !


hello I been trying to joing the club I new and I dont know how hard is to get to know everione in it,Im a huge fun of this cars I own one I am working I have dont alittle change here in there but I need more Ideas but I would also like to share my replay me back to see what is up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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