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results of the clicking clutch noise when pressed

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My tsx's been making clicking noises when the clutch is pressed all the way down and so I have taken it to Acura dealer twice to get it checked..first was lube..second was replacing the clutch pedal. Well today I came back and they had no other method so they called in Acura TechLine for help and techline said its gonna happen to all tsx when the clutch is broken matter wat u do to fix it...its gonna come back and click. So I guess all 6MT owners will get this problem sooner or later. I got 38,820 miles on my tsx so far, mostly highway miles, so I'm getting this problem now. You owners will expect it when your clutch has been broken in....I guess. Crappy way to deal with it cuz its annoying, especially on a luxury car. Acura even gave me the techline number to call just to show "proof" so i guess i'll give a call today. The number is : 1-800-594-8400.
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I started noticing this a couple weeks ago too. Mine only has around 9000 miles though. Let me know if u find out anything else.
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