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Rim warranties?

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I'm on the verge of buying 12.2 lb Velox ProGear PG-5S 17.0x7.0 5/114.3 +42 rims. However, after I grilled Velox by email to make sure my 3329 lb TSX wouldn't crush them like gun metal walnuts, I found out Velox doesn't offer any kind of warranty! They said they might choose to replace rims if you send them in and they determine that there's some kind of manufacturing defect, but that's no guarantee and it means your car is in the garage for weeks while you wait (or you swap on your stockers if you didn't sell them).

So what do you think? Do people require rim warranty service often enough that it's a must, or should I just not worry about it? If it is a worry, then what other 17" lightweight (under 14 lbs) rims can I get with at least a 1 year warranty? Do Racing Hart rims come with a warranty? The RH Evolution CP8R might be nice.
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I dont think alot of companys offer warrantys.. Because pot holes are pot holes and rims bend all the time.. Just stay away from pot holes and be very careful.
Okay, thanks. I'll stay on nice roads only. :p
Oops, the CP8R appears to be 4-lug.
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