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I've finally installed my Apex'i RSM and G-Sensor!.

I'd originally taken it to an installer, with the english language manuals, and the H-48 ECU diagram from the defi website. The guy removed the shielding from a couple of wires to the ECU and tested it, with the end result he couldn't do it without more information, or taking a number of hours to do it the slow way. So $140AUD for 2hrs of his labour which I had them install the Comptech Shortshift at the same time. (I figured I might as well get something for my money even though I would've preferred to install the short shift myself).

So this weekend I decided to give installing the RSM myself a shot, using the H-48 diagram overlaid on a photo of the ECU connectors. And sure enough it worked. So I connected the four wires up, doing a much better job at stripping the shielding from the engine speed, and wheel speed wires than the installer did on the ground and Ignition power wires, crimped the connections lightly so they can be removed, but firm enough to hold the wires solidly together, taped them up and it was good to go.

I'm still not to happy with tapping the power from the feed to the ECU, and am planning to re route the IGN and GND wires from the RSM to one of the many spare ignition switched fuse's using a circuit add in, and a switch so I can turn the RSM unit on and off (as suggested by Revolution). My concern here is that it could lead to spikes as the ECU and RSM are no longer receiving power from the same source at the same time. And that when switching on the RSM while moving there may be a sufficient enough spike to cause an error in the ECU.

I'm new to all this, so are my fears well founded? Or is it quite safe and reliable to leave it set up as is, which is as per the manufactures (Apex'i) installation instructions, crimping straight into the ECU harness???

Are there many people out there that have had electrical system problems as a result of adding a piggy back device in such a manner?


PS: The dyno at the shop was too busy for me to get my after CAI results, for both normal Injen(K&N) Filter vs BMC Twin Cone. Certainly feels like I'm getting more than my stock 115kW atw now!
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