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Ok, here goes nothing...

Last summer, with 160k miles on the clock, my 2004 TSX's AC system took a dump. Loud pop, started sounding like a tambourine. Shut it off immediately, and started calling around. Dealership wanted $1200 to replace the compressor, and my father-in-law (wife's car) had a buddy he highly recommended. Took it to him against my judgment, and he told us he would fix it for $534. Well, went ahead and had him replace it and fill with freon.

AC worked great for 10 months, then it got to where the compressor wouldn't turn on. No noises, the A/C button just didn't do anything. Took it in to Acura this time, and they said it was low on freon. Added freon with a UV dye to trace a leak, and told us to come back when it blew hot again. Ran great for 2 weeks, then started blowing warm again. Compressor is still kicking on like it should and fans are cycling, but the air just isn't getting cold. Seems to just be whatever ambient temp is.

Took it back again, and they said it is still full of freon, but that they stuck a Q-tip down into one of the lines and it came out black. They quoted $3800 to completely gut the A/C system and replace it. Wife took the car in, so I don't know which line it is, but told her not to use the A/C anymore until we get a second opinion.

I am reading more where it says that when you replace the compressor to replace the drier and condensor as well. I am unsure if this was replaced before, but based on the price, I am willing to bet not.

At this point, is it possible to flush the system completely to try to save the compressor, or is it dead? Car only books for $8500, so it's not worth it to me to put $4000 into the AC system. Would rather just trade it in at this point.


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If just the compressor was replaced then that would be the cause of black sludge remaining in your system, it should be properly flushed, vac'ed/leak checked and refilled.
The receiver/drier must be replaced with the compressor.
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