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So I had some spare time in my hands and always wanted to do the footwell lighting but wanted to be a little different. Wanted to use the "jdm" switch to turn them off or on.

The jdm switch has 4 cables, black, red, yellow and red again.
* the 2 reds from the switch goes to the red center cubby light (or power adapter/cigarette lighter)
* black gets split and goes to the black center cubby and your lights...(or power adapter/cigarette lighter
* yellow is the "red/power" for your lights.

I do not take reponsiblity for any damage you do to your car and am not liable, this is for demonstrational purposes only.

The good thing I like about this is that you can turn them off and on at will... and if you leave the switch in the "on" position then it will turn on whenever the parking lights or headlights are on if you connect to center cubby light.

The lights were purchased at Walmart for $15.

Some of my pics didnt not save on image shack properly even, even after rotating and saving... use the link below and rotate if you have problems reading it....

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/></a>

I moved the lights around and centered them better after the pictures were taken....

Thanks and hope it helps others.... Enjoy!

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Looks good man! Now to tackle the infamous having our fogs on w/o the HID's...
I did this! Disabled my DRLs and use my HID fogs as my lights! Looks sweet!

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