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Serpentine Belt too tight or loose?

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hi guys,

Just changed my belt and tensioner and it squealing !!

I bought a gates K070690 belt and a gates tensioner from rockauto and now everytime when it starts from cold. A chirp like squeal can be heard. it dies down when engine is warmed up or when the aircon is turned on straight away.

Here is a pic of where my arrow is sitting. Is it too tight or too loose?

Valuable inputs required as this is driving me nuts
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That is on the tight end of the indicator.

As for the squeal, it could be a bad pulley bearing. Does the belt feel tight when you try to wiggle it?
I'm not sure why one block is lower than the other, but I know that if it's on the left side of the indicator, it's tight.

I had a belt that was too big and the indicator was on the far right. I then got a smaller belt and the indicator moved towards the middle.

I'm not sure why you sprayed WD-40 on the belt? Spraying stuff like that on rubber just deteriorates it in my opinion.

I don't think it can slip if it's that tight, especially at idle. That's why it brought me to believe it could be something wrong with one of the pulley bearing. Could be that the tensioner you bought has a defective pulley bearing?
I'm running a supercharger so it's different. But yes OEM TSX is 69 inch belt, which was what you got. But the thing is, you got an aftermarket tensioner so that might throw the indicator off just a little.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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