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Serpentine Belt too tight or loose?

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hi guys,

Just changed my belt and tensioner and it squealing !!

I bought a gates K070690 belt and a gates tensioner from rockauto and now everytime when it starts from cold. A chirp like squeal can be heard. it dies down when engine is warmed up or when the aircon is turned on straight away.

Here is a pic of where my arrow is sitting. Is it too tight or too loose?

Valuable inputs required as this is driving me nuts
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This makes sense now. The indicator has 2 blocks, 1 longer and 1 shorter.
Does the taller block means tight and the shorter one means loose?

Pulley, tensioner and belt are all new from Gates.

I have tried spraying a lil WD40 on the belt while its chirping on cold start and the chirp became a squeal for a short while till it dried up. Does this mean the belt is slipping?

If it's slipping, the tension on it is on the tighter end, so how can that slip?

I am confused, and very tempted to get a longer belt to try on.
what is the length of your belt or maybe just give me the part number on it
the gates 69inch belt was shorter than my old oem belt which is about 10mm longer. I even had to remove the power steering assembly to fit the belt under. That might have caused a misalignment?

Mind you, my cl9 is an Australian model, not sure if belt differs for an Australian and USA model?

The aftermarket tensioner is an OEM replacement by gates so it should have the same resistance/tolerance as OEM?

I might put back the old belt and see where the indicator sits now with the new tensioner. And check for any play
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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