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Hi Everyone

Kensai Racing, Canada’s Premier Motorsport and Performance Enhancement salon will be organizing Shannonville Motorsport Park Long Track Course/All Day from 9am to 5pm.
We would like to formally invite all interested participants to join us the exciting and informative events. Whether it’s your first time on a racetrack or you’re an intermediate/advanced driver we are confident that there are values in this event for everyone.

Shannonville Long Track Course Fee

$240 - Regular admission (before the lapping event)
$280 - On site registration
Performance School $275 per event (plus event fee)

Lapping Day Schedule

8:30am Drivers meeting
9:00am Lapping start
5:00pm End of day

We ask all drivers to be at the track by 8am.

For more info and registration form, please email [email protected]
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