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I'm about to purchase the Injen CAI and going to keep it as the short ram instead because of climate reasons of where I live.

The question is, is it really necessary to take out the resonator box if i'm only going to keep it as the short ram option?

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There really is no point in converting the OEM hot air intake to an aftermarket hot air intake.

A free flowing cold air intake is the goal. Short of driving thru a lake, an aftermarket cold air intake mounted in the fenderwell will not cause problems.

Removing the OEM air resonator is so simple there is no reason to keep that 5 lbs of useless plastic.

My recommendation is to actually just modify the OEM air box to a cold air intake for zero dollars.
Toss in a K & N filter into the OEM box if you want.
The CT air box is nicer but only worth it if you find one cheap.
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