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Side sill garnish (SoCal)

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Looking for a side sill garnish for the passenger side in SSM for an '05 (not sure if there's a difference between the 04-05 and 06-08). If you're not sure what piece I'm talking about (I had to look up the name myself), it's the part right below the doors.
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lol didnt work in pm. click the pic and it should take you to my skydrive with more pics.

those black dots and lines along the bottom edge is mostly tar, goo gone will take em off. Would have done it for you but i couldnt find my bottle.
Its tar. It was actually streaks of tar and those dots are what was left after a quick wash. They will come off easy with goo gone or similar cleaner. I could not find my bottle or i would have taken care of it for you.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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