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side skirt popped out

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i went on vacation and just got back seeing that my side skirt onthe passenger side was popped out near the rear tire. i ask my sister what she has done and she told me she went over a curb at the gas station. Anyone know how i can fix it or any advice
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ugh I did the same thing. The curb I hit was about half the size of a regular and it was black in color so I didnt see it off the side and I went over the end of it. I popped off the front. A couple of clips broke but the dealership was able to get it to stay fairly well and you can barely notice. Theres a REALLY small gap where it connects to the front part but nobody will notice it unless I point it out. I'd need to buy a new one if I wanted it perfect.
print out the instructions for installing the OEM body kit from its mainly 3 screws in the front and back, some plastic clips on the side and underneath and 1 or 2 bolts under the side skirt.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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