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Simple Sunroof Question

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Hi, i just became a member of this forum and i simply love the TSX. Probably gonna get one next year. I have a question about the sunroof. I have an integra and are the sunroofs in the TSX the same, that is, do they open in the same way? it comes up and then opens completely with the glass above the roof, whereas in most other cars, the glass goes inside the roof.
Someone with this get back to me...thanks
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hey redteggy99

it can be cracked open to vent. and when opened, it goes inside the roof.

hope this helps

welcome fellas!! :wavey:

Yep... :thumbsup: Matt
TSX 'R' US said:
welcome fellas!! :wavey:
Yes, a very warm welcome to the Club :wavey: :thumbsup:
Thanks for the info xgastudios.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys...
Only the BB6 Prelude sunroofs slide outwards all the way. Most if not all other Hondas slide inwards all the way. An aerodynamic design.
welcome redteggy99 ! :wavey:
Hope ya get one soon 1blue1.gif
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