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Slow N' Steady Wins the Race

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the progress.
Waiting for some wheel, XXR 531 Hyper Silver !

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Nice...I like those red acura center caps.
Low for sure......can't wait to see the wheels!!
Sweet :) Might want to lose the mud guards. Cuz you'll lose them anyway. Plus they'll damage your paint after a while. Just a thought!

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thanks everyone.
and yea those center caps are nice everyone asks me where did i get them but i painted them my self @Downshift.
@Aragrev7 ill be taking them out soon.
I cant wait to see the Wheels on them as well @dzevo.......
lol @ballinonabudget its simple just avoid pot holes and just drive on the good streets that you know and thats that. drive it with mudflaps on still? I'm not nearly as low as you and I already tore my driver's side flap...
yea it rubs a lot i decided to lift it up just a bit still looks real nice, i just dont want to take the mudflaps off until i get the xxr 531's
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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