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SlowCivicEx: Simple, Clean & Ready to Race

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SlowCivicEx: Simple, Clean & Ready to Race... 9-10-12

2005 SSM TSX MT/Navi
Simple, Clean & ready to race!!​

I bought her in March of 2009 after my EK got stolen and striped. I wanted to keep her stock with just a few mods! After I started to mod her, I wanted to go faster and look cleaner.

I am making this thread with 3 years into it and going to lay it out as the parts were bought. I will start updating this as I do stuff to the car and keep her update.

Please fill free to add your comments!


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First Basic Mods

Clear Fogs, Paired with 3k HIDs​

Team Voodoo shift knob

Painted brakes black, and added Acura Decals.​

M3 Style Truck Lip and De-badge.

Progress 22mm Rear Sway Bar

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

Before and After the drop

Powder Coated Type-R Red valve cover.

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Honda Accord Euro-R Grille

Honda Accord Euro-R Grille, Emblems, and Center Caps. Prep, Paint, and Install.

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EBC Brakes

Installed new brakes in all four corners.

  • EBC Front OE Replacement Rotors.
  • EBC Red Stuff pads up front.
  • EBC Rear OE Replacement Rotors.
  • EBD Green stuff pads in the rear.

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Engine Goodies

Engine Goodies with pictures and videos!!

  • Hondata Reflash
  • PLM Race Header
  • PLM Test Pipe
  • Injen Cold Air Intake

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Suspension, Wheels & Exterior Goodies

Suspension, Wheels & Exterior Goodies!!

  • HT-Spec VERSION 2.0 Coilover
  • Enkie RPF1 18x8.5 +40
  • Falken Ziex ZE-912 225/40R18
  • 929 Black lug nuts
  • 929 Black Valve Stems
  • Mugen Rep Door Visors
  • OEM A-Spec Front Lip
  • Yellow Fogs
  • Red Hub Rings

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TB & Recent Photo Shoot

TB & Recent Photo Shoot

  • V6 Accord TB
  • P2R - Thermal Throttle Body Gasket

Photo Shoot​

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car came a long way. well done time :drag:
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did the v6 throttle body bolted right up with no mods? nd wats the spec on it? how long did ur euro grill took to arrive and where did u buy it from?
That's one sexy ssm!
What rear lip are you going with?
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nice progress. It's really good to see more detailed photos!
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looks really good man.great progress thread:thumbsup:.your tsx reminds me of mine.ASM FTW!!!!
Ballinggggggg.... Nice build....
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Jay you know I love your car, every aspect of it. Its clean, modded nicely (not done over the top) and it has the right blend of function and form :).

You forgot to post one big pic though, the one where it shows you own it!! lol.

Keep up the good work, love all the perf mods. Plan to dyno?
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Bravo on the grill. You did a great job on closing the gap!
can you please give more info on the Accord TB ? :)
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