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So, I've taken up a partner to assist me in detailing cars, and we are fully mobile. We have a professional Optima car wash steamer + Honda generator available.

Services we offer:

1. Full wash via Optima Car Steamer, no chemicals required.
2. Full interior via Optima Car Steamer, no chemicals required.
3. Engine bay cleaning, no chemicals required.
4. We offer anything from 1 step polishing to multiple step polishing.
5. Sealant or wax of your choice.
6. Optional permanent scratch resistant coating is available for an extra charge.

We start @ $45/hr, the final rate will not change much, if at all, from what I've been quoting here since there are the two of us.
Permanent scratch resistant coating is an extra $400 to apply.

Besides washing via steamer, we also offer traditional 2 buckets wash, rinseless wash, or foam wash.

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Where exactly in SOCAL are you located? I am going to be in San Diego at the end of July or first week of August. I would def make the drive to LA to have you make my nbp look like upyor's after your done with it. LMK!
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