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So what happens at the red light..

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Ok im not one for breaking the law, but sometime those idiots next to me with 3 of there freinds in the back seat egging them on just makes me wanna blow them away.. Ive been a loyal European driver and well drove the TSX and well crap im hooked.. never thought i would like the car but the dealer told me to try it and well lets just say the money is comeing within a month.. i wanna know how fast is this car agianst other cars.. I mean dame its fast around corners and decent on a striaght line... anyone have some upgrades that have made it faster, and what has anyone TESTED it on to see if well that 6spd can be put to good use.... i wanna spank some people with this car especially the BMW 325i.. c1i2ck anyone got any good stories
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The performance specs on the CL9 is sufficient but not ultimately a straight line warrior. Between the CL9 and 325i ... It can come down to a drivers race, however the 325i still has slightly more power and torque.
i smoked a 325i with my 6 speed, but the 325 was an automatic...i redlined thru all gears and i have intake and headers......

so basically, 500 bucks and a 6 speed tsx and you will spank your 325's away
I would think the TSX(MT) and 325i(MT) would pretty much be a driver's race. Quarter mile times are about the same with maybe a slight tenth or two advantage for the BMW, but I remember them trapping at similar speed. Weigh about the same. Torque difference isn't too significant, though RWD is from a dig, but the extra 800rpm in the TSX should help a little as you climb the rpms.
hmm kool as i wish my money would come faster.. i wonder how much excess whieght you could get off the TSX.. lighter rims, dash, coils, hmmm i have plans to make this car light and something that stands up for itself in all types of roads.. (ex. 350z 13.3 1/4 after a 300lbs loss..) i know the TSX is alreayd light as a feather but there is always more to take off and more to rplace and make it night a slim.. im not into Turbos that much because of the danger to the engine im into getting the most out of the engine as i can and i belive with this 2.4 there could possibly be ehhh 250-300 ponies under there with some good mods and tunning, and if i could take off about 100lbs.. can u imagin.. tee minus 2 months.. well maybe sooner till i can get my TSX.
What's your budget? You sound like you want to build a NA lightweight monster. Comparing a Z33 vs a CL9 is quite different, one is a VQ35 while the other is a K24. I've seen what Z33's potential is like after spending a fairly decent amount of money into it, but if you use the same budget on a CL9 ... The performance will still not be close nor on par. It's apples and oranges.
Welcome to the club peteau04
Welcome PeteAU
before 120 km/h, it is driver race.
after 120km/h, tsx owns the 325i :)

but if u really want speed, go for RSX-S. owns WRX badly :idea:
johnej said:
Welcome to the club peteau
Indeed.. Hello, and welcome to the Club PeteAU04 :wavey:
my budget will be after the car is paid for completley i can spare around 300 a month for upgrades... i got a killer server job at a nice resturant make crap load of tips... just wanna have a nice nice downpayment to get the monthly payments down incase of any problems arising.. so in all years acount for upgrades could be around ehhh 3600- 4200 a year.. probly more because yea i love to drive and wanna make a nice car that is well a sleeper in a sort of way.
ohh and also did i mention I HATE TWO DOORS, cant stand eemmm i love makeing four doors nice and fast
HEy Noel what do you think a good HP and TRQ number could be that you could get out of just the engine.. im guessing with the mods out right now.. i would guess around 300 if no quite there yet.. with excess internal mods and tunning.... wat u think? (took another test drive today to make sure my mind was made up and well i taught a Mazda 6 a nice little lesson.. the V6 auto ..)
This one spots a USD$11,500+ upgrade. There's no engine mods available now from Japan for the K24a to bring it to a competition level, perhaps because no one races a CL9 in Japan, only a CL7 with a K20a. 220bhp-230bhp is a more realistic figure instead of 300bhp without touching the engine and without going FI.
welcome pete :wavey:, wow sounds like you really want ot race the heck out of the TSX huh ? :ben:
yes yes i do... mid ohio is a 30 min drive hehhehhee
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