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Thanks to tsxclub for adding this new section. Beside the TPMS install, I have a couple of ideas for some other projects like adding a 12vdc socket to trunk for tire inflators, etc.

If anyone has any new ideas and wants to post feel free to do so. If you can document installs with pix, all the better.

Over time this could become a real good place to offer help for anyone trying install simple to complex things. Even if you install an Acura accessory like the cargo net, take pix and add it here.

BTW, if anyone is interested on doing a group buy for the Acura rear wing, we need about 6 or more people to buy it for 10% off at Hondacuraworld. The price of $466.70 would be $420.03 and includes free shipping.

I'd like to do a rear wing spoiler install when I get one, so I will definitely post pix when done.
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