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i am from germany and i found your forum in google. My problem is i want to install a subwoofer and an amp in the "Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 D-Tec". It is the same car as yours acura tsx '08. In germany only a few persons drive this car, so in our forums i didn't receive help.

i have installed from factory the standart sound system without navigation. Now i want to install an amp and subwoofer in the cargo bay. i have purchased the required cables (plus and minus, remote), a high-low-adapter, an amp and subwoofer.

Can anyone give me tips or any images how i can install it? i have primary problems with the cables, because i have no idea where i can connect the high-low-adapter, respectively what makes sense, where to connect the adapter?
And where can i transfer the plus-cable from the battery to the interior of my car? The same for the minus-cable? I'm afraid to do something wrong with the console, so that break anything...

Here is a photo of my car, where you can see, which model it is:
Photos/Videos of Honda Accord | Facebook

I would be very grateful for help, because the installation by the honda dealer costs 700€ (~900$). And sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me :)

Greets from Germany

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you mean 09+ TSX, 06-08 is still considered first gen.

and i feel it would be the same installation guidelines, and if you are this far off, you should consider getting a professional to do it.

you don't have to route the negative/ground... you ground it in your cargo area
you route the positive through firewall and into cabin , along door sills to the back
you connect remote from amp to an ACC power (fuse tap, to in cabin fuseboxs is easiest)

does your amp have speaker level inputs? if not, then you will need to splice into rear speakers and connect them to your Line Output Controller (if it does then splice into speakers and connect directly to amp), which you will then connect with RCA to the AMP, also consider incorporating a Ground Loop Isolator.
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