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I'm looking to add some subs and an amp to my 2005 TSX with the nav system. I have a few questions:

1. The factory system with nav has a pre-out, correct?

2. I am looking to get two 12-inch subs, somewhere in the range of 350-500 watts RMS, and a nice enclosure for them. Any recommendations? P.S. I live in Toronto, Canada.

3. I also need an amp to power these. I'm a newbie at installing aftermarket systems: can a mono amp be used to power two subs, or should I get a two-channel amp? Also, from what I understand, the amp should have the same RMS power rating (or slightly greater) than the subs, is this right? What else should I know?

4. I want an amp that I can control remotely from inside the cabin (i.e. adjust the bass level from some kind of unit in the cabin), but one that would adjust other levels such as bass boost etc. Can anyone suggest any amps that would serve my purposes, as well as any units I can use within the cabin and possible mounting areas? (The "Not an ashtray" area seems most logical to me to keep a clean look in the car, I would just need a proper sized unit as well as a mounting bracket, if those are made).

These are a lot of questionss but I want to do my research before I go out and buy the first thing I like. Please keep in mind I live in Toronto, so if you know anywhere that goes good work that I can get these products and maybe get them installed to (aside from like Best Buy and Future Shop), please let me know!

Thank you to any that reply,


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1. No. You need to use a high-low level converter. I highly recommend any of the Audiocontrol products such as the 2XS, Matrix, LC6 or whatever. They take up to a 14 volt input so a regular rear speaker signal is perfectly fine.

2. There are a lot of subs to chose from. What kind of music do you listen to? If you like it deep and loud, a ported enclosure is your best bet for sure. Look at Digital Designs 1512's or maybe a pair of Elemental Designs or Image Dynamics to name a few.

3. Look at getting a 1000 watt amplifier. Most 1000 watt amps are either 2 or 1 ohm stable in mono. Make sure that you match up the amp to the subs otherwise your impedence load could be off. For example, 2X DD 1512 DVC 4 ohm would work great with a DD CM1000 which is 1000 watts at 1 ohm. Bridge the subs parallel/parallel and you are good to go. A MONO class D amp is your best bet for power and efficiency. Don't do a 2-channel class A/B because then you'll kill your alternator.

4. Choose an amplifier with a Bass knob. That way you will have the most control over the sub volume. Some bass knobs you can take apart so you just need to drill a small hole in the knock-out plate beside the sunroof button.

I am in Vancouver. If you want to take a 4-day drive out this way I would be happy to sell/install for you! :p
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