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I picked up my TSX late last year and the first thing that I did was throw in the sub, amp, and component speakers from my previous car because music just isn't the same without bass. I installed everything myself, which was a first for me and my first setup was as follows:

Stock Navi, JBL GTO Component Speakers (Front Doors), Kicker 10" Comp VR (Ported), Rockford Fosgate T-400-4 , PAC-35 LOC

I decided to take a front to back approach and have upgraded to the following:

Mechman 170amp Alternator, Mechman Big 4, Optima Yellowtop, 4 gauge for my amp ( I had 8 gauge before) and I also upgraded the LOC to an Audio Control LC2i

I picked up this 12'' JL Audio WO in a sealed box

I wanted to make sure my alternator's positive and negative wire were protected from the heat of the engine bay, so I wrapped them in Tech Flex, gold foil heat barrier tape, and then another layer of Tech flex for maximum protection.

I got my Soundrings in the mail today. These should improve the sound of my door speakers by isolating the back sound wave from the front sound wave. The kit included several rings and even had some for my tweeters.

A picture of the components that I'm running

Final look

I plan on adding some second skin in the near future. I would also like to amplify my front door speakers since I already have an amp that is capable. That's next on my to-do list.

I ordered a roll of red leds to see how they would look in my interior. I wired in one under the dash, and two under the seat (one pointing to the front and one to the back) for both the driver and passenger side for a total of 6 strips in the cabin. For now they are always on, but I might wire them to turn on with the dome light if I decide to keep them. They might be too bright.

I also put some in the trunk. Here is a picture of my amp and LOC mounted to the back of my rear seat.
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