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Soze's test drive

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I just got back from the Acura dealership and...yes, I'm smiling.
It's raining buckets here today and what better weather for a test drive.
We went out in a red TSX, 6-speed.

The sales dude said we'd go for a short drive but it was a nice long one. Right away the car felt special. I gingerly went through the gears at first because I wanted to get used to the clutch. After I got the feel where the sweet spot was I began to rev that engine nicely. That shifter is so smooth and short, I think I'm in love. Jim(Acura dude) was a great passenger. Since I already knew all of the car's wonders, he just let me do my thing while he talked to my father who was in the back seat.

Engine - it was excellent. Now my driving background does not include anything newer than a 92 Accord but I thought the engine has more than enough punch for my driving style. Combined with that beauty transmission, acceleration was just fine. Even when I punched the gas at 2500RPMs in fourth gear, there was still a good surge with little delay. I guess I can thank the drive-by-wire throttle for that. That extra gear was great as well. I was on the highway doing 100km and there was plenty of punch in sixth. BTW, the engine sounded great. Final conclusion - who needs a six cylinder?

Transmission - as stated above, I'm in love. Enough said.

Handling - oh boy. Besides my boss' MINI Cooper S, I've never driven a car with any decent performance. The steering feels so good. It's perfectly weighted in my opinion and the steering wheel itself is sweet. Although I didn't really push it into corners, the car felt well capable of greater things. It all felt so...
All of the above! I think I just discovered what a "drivers car" is all about.

After my drive I was going to go and try a few other cars but f*ck it. The TSX has won my heart and in a few months I'm going to get one for sure.
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Go figure, my salesmans name was jim too. Couldnt agree more on your statements. I hope to order mine soon
Soze75 said:
Hey tony4311. I couldn't agree with your "signature" more. Nice one.
Thanks. I got sick of people flaming others for what they do to thier own car one day. Been putting it in my sigs ever since
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