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You are correct and yea iridiums say 100,000 but on my TSX I change them every 50k and each time there is an improvement in gas mileage and engine pick up. I’m a master tech and have owned a 2010 Evo X MR Touring with 400hp as well as a 2012 STI with 400hp and a 05 Lexus IS300 with bolt ons and a 02 A4 with bolts ons and guess what each car I ran NGK laser iridiums an would change them at 30k in my forced induction cars and always made a difference. NGK iridium plugs are thee best plug in my opinion there’s a reason all these auto manufacturers run them as oem plugs the evo and sti both had NGK on diff was the evo came with one step colder and my sti I changed to one step colder. So
To the guy saying they last way over 100k and changing them makes no difference u need to brush up on ur auto knowledge.
Just curious, since you've owned both, did you prefer the EVO or the Sti? Which one impressed you the most from a performance standpoint? Same question, but reliability? Thinking of getting an 08'-09' EVO, but I live in Subaru country. Love to hear your opinion. Thx!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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