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Hey everyone I am in desperate need of help and do not want to take it to a store where they charge $20 /15 minutes,

Recently in my '08 I installed my subwoofers by the step by step instructions in this forum and worked like a charm. But here is the deal, I noticed that my passenger 6x9 speaker was distorting at a fairly low volume while the other one was not. To remedy this I jiggled the speaker gently by nudging the magnet. The distortion went away, but immediately after the subs, 6x9 and the rear door speakers stopped working...

Later I found out that maybe it was simply grounding out, but after trying to figure out what was going on, I do not think this is the problem any more. Here are specific behaviors of what is going on.

-At times, when I fade all sound to the back and turn up the volume to 40 I can hear sound faintly.

-When I am able to hear it, I switched the left and right 6x9's to see if it was a speaker problem, but was not.

-When I am able to hear it, the passenger 6x9 (regardless of which 6x9 is attached) plays a static sound with the music

-Whether there is sound coming out of the back or not, every time I power on the car, the back speakers distinctly pop.

-I checked the harness on both and can not imagine it to be the problem because during my sub install I hardly even touched them.

-I do not know what causes the back speakers to emit a sound at times and not the others, but as of late they have not been making any sounds

-and lastly, I do not know if it was my imagination or not, but when I hit a pot hole last night, I thought I heard the speakers in the back pop similar to when I turn on the car.

Any suggestions?
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