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Speakers and Misinformation

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uggh. was just trying to confirm the things about 6.5" sp in doors and the signal being sent to rear 6x9's, but crutchfield was no help. I thought they were a real leader in this type of thing too.

- basically they are saying that only component 6.5" speakers will fit in front door, or down to 5.25" speakers.
- Then rear doors will require use of the new speaker grille as opposed to Acura oem grille.
- lastly they say full range signal to rear 6x9 speakers.

Are they incorrect in all 3 counts?

Quote from crutchfield chat:

Hi, Steve, my name is xxxx. How may I help you today?

{steve} 2004 Acura TSX - looking for replacement speakers. I was under the ipression that 6.5" will fit in front/rear door locations but online it only says 5.25??

{xxxx} Let me check on that for you, Steve. I'll be right back.
{xxxx} Which location did you want to put the speakers into?
{xxxx} Oh, I see you mentioned front and rear doors.

{steve} actually want to replace in all factory speaker locations. I believe it is 6.5 in front doors, 6.5 in rear doors, and 6x9 on rear deck.

{xxxx} For your front doors there are a couple pairs of component speakers where you would custom mount the tweeters in a separate location. And the 5 1/4" offers component and regular coaxial speakers that will fit.
{xxxx} You're correct about the rear deck being 6x9's with several pairs showing as an easy fit.
But in the rear doors there's very little room for mounting height, with no speakers showing as an easy fit. There are a few to choose from if you want to custom install by removing the factory grills and use the ones that come with the new speakers.

{steve} do you have any info about only a low signal being sent to the rear 6x9, as opposed to full range signal...

{xxxx} I'll check on that for you. I'll be right back.
{xxxx} No. It appears to be a full range signal. There are no notes in the research for you vehicle that indicates just bass frequencies.
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there incorrect on all 3 accounts... I have 6.5's in all 4 doors, required a little drilling, but they fit, The only problem I have w/ the Rear 6x9's is the OEM Amp thinks they are subwoofers, so they receve alot of the bass, and now w/ the upgraded speakers, they can get a little loud (I have my bass set down to -2)... Besides that everythings great, Im gonna look around, Someone had done a Write up with pictures of the Install on the rear doors...
I have Rainbow 6 1/2" component midbasses in my front doors. The problem in the factory mid uses a neo magnet which requires very little mounting depth. The much larger mounting depth of the Rainbows would not allow them to just drop in. I simply made a 3/4" thick spacer ring out of MDF and screwed that to the door. I then wrapped it with Cascade deadening and mounted the speaker to the ring. The factory door panel goes right over the mid and does not touch it. I didn't have to cut anything. The tweeters were a perfect fit in the dash after using a dremel tool to enlarge the inside of the hole a bit.
The rear doors I left alone for now and will put Rainbow coaxes in there when we get them back in stock. The setup is the same as the front back there though. Will have to make the same spacer ring, but no big deal.
The factory amp is set up to send a high pass signal to the dash tweets, full range to the four doors, and low pass to the rear 6x9s. I bypassed the factory amp and installed a Phoenix Gold Xenon 4 channel to run the front speakers and 8" subs I mounted in the 6x9 spots.
It was a big project, but the sound is 1000000000 million times better than stock. Well worth it.
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thanks guys.
I'm definitely change speakers, probably all of them either eventually or just all at once. Definitely 4 doors and the rears.

But I don't want to look at any scratches on the dashboard so those tweets up front might or might not get switched, depending on how I feel. (A small scratch that I see every time I get in would probably be more annoying to me than the benefit of upgrading those tweeters, so may not want to chance it.)

And then whether to get an amp or not. I'll probably change the 6 speakers first and see how it goes, but getting separate amp may affect speaker purchase decision.

and what is that I hear also calling - h o n d a t a h o n d a t a h o n d a t a ...

oh, decisions, decisions... he he. life ain't all that bad, huh.
As long as the tweeters are done right and you use the right tweeters there are no scratches and it looks stock. I'll post the pics of mine up here sometime and you'll see. They look perfect. All the demeling goes on down inside the tweeter hole around the inner lip the stock tweeter clips clip onto.
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