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Spoon CL7/9 Carbon Fibre Bonnet

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Spoon's carbon bonnets are well known in the tuning world for being lightweight, strong and have a high quality/standard of finish. Using a 1+1 carbon weave, it is hand-laid and formed under a honeycomb monocoque structure. Reduction of weight from the front of the car aids the reduction of understeer and brake load while improving turn-in and acceleration.

Part Number - 60100-CL7-000 RRP USD$925+ (Not Inclusive Of Shipping & Local Import or Export Charges/Duties)
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Wow........That's nice......kinda matt finish....doesn't look like normal CF hoods~ or Bonnet.....

What is a Bonnet?? Is that the hood?? :newbie:
Correct, bonnet is what people outside North America call a hood.
Agent_Chen said:
Correct, bonnet is what people outside North America call a hood.
:laugh: so outside north america......they say...."yo, we are from the BONNET".....hahaa~
saw dat in the 2005 Spoon Catelog...
it really so it a lot..
Spoon...always love it.!!!
that is nice.

noel, do you have pics for the rest of the car? Id really like to see how the Euro-r rims look on the the CG tsx. =D

here have some picz of a CG with Euro-kit
actually this car belongs to Coltsicehockey...
noel what car is that in ur display? and do u have a larger pic? it looks hawt
That car is beautiful!

One question about the hood-

In this pic, the hood trim right above the grill looks to be chrome, like the one hat comes on the US Spec TSX. I thought the Euro-R had body colored hood trim?
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I guess he wants to be USDM?? :slap:
-phase- said:
those spoon brakes are PURE SEX:)
I guess you like WHITE CF hoods then eh?? Hahhaa.....
Phase - It's a Spoon CL7, no larger pictures of source. Sorry.

Lanny - Bonnet trim is an easy item to change. I particularly don't like the CL7 color coded variant. Instead the chrome works well to blend with the chrome handles.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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