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Spotted Vancouver police Radar (Victoria Dr.&Marine Dr.)

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Spotted Vancouver police Radar (Victoria Dr.&Marine Dr.)

*update* done over.... there gone now.. finally


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I drive by that interestion everyday to work when i come down Victoria. That is just by the German Canadian Senior Citizens care home. The cops also like to put a guy w/ radar gun on the pedestrian foot bridge that is a little further east from that location and and then "ambush" east bound Marine Drive traffic at the point where the road curves because the side street dips down a bit. Cops standing at that corner only have their heads and upper torso sticking out. The other favorite stake out spot on Marine Drive is at the Ross Street Sikh temple right across from White Spot restaurant to catch west bound Marine Drive traffic.
Cyde said:
basically SE Marine Drive from WhiteSpot to Boundary is no mans zone, cops hide all along there , i know to many places they hide on both sides.

SW Marine Drive is another area, like just before Cambie all the way to Vancouver Honda
It must depend on what time of day that you drive along Marine because i have never seen any police speed traps along that part of the road you speak of, except for when we still had photo-radar. I almost got zapped right about where Riverside Golf store was heading west. I was lucky that time as there was another vehicle close to me and i had quickly slowed down.

I drove alot along SE Marine to Boundary last summer during weekends and was quite lucky not to have encountered any speed traps. But yeah, that length of the road and beyond is a tempting speed lane and locations for the cops to trap you. On the otherhand, i drive an old car which doesn't go very fast. I hope i can control myself after i purchase my TSX (later this month). I made my decision just a few days ago.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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