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Hi everyone,

I need your help and your experience...

I bought a set of TSW Brooklands, 18x8 +40 offset, wrapped in Nitto 555 - 225/40ZR18 from a shop. They look awesome on the car, I was very happy with the result, but when I went on the highway, there was a vibration in the steering between 100 to 120 km/h (60 to 75 MPH).

At first, I thought the shop had screwed up the job, so I went to Acura and they did an alignment (that was OK) and they tried to re-balanced it, but they weren't able to, even on the machine, there was a problem. So I went back to the shop and they changed the 4 tires, re-balanced it... they were sure it was the problem. It's better now, but there's still a vibration in the steering around 60 to 70 MPH... I spent money to have nice rims and good tires... so I'm expecting to have a clean ride... it sucks and I'm getting frustrated about the situation :/

What would be your advices? It would be much appreciated.

P.S. They installed centering hubs with the rims at the beginning...
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