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Hey guys, Just signed up and wanted to say that this site is very informative. Now, for my first question. I noticed that below te climate control behind the shifter, there is an empty compartment that opens up. I noticed that if you wanted the rear entertainment system, the DVD player would fit there (at least in Canada it would). So saying that, if you have that as being empty, can you fit an aftermarket deck in there without losing the cover? (So the deck is hidden when the cover is closed)


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yeah! but you would need a kit. I made my own kit for my new alpine 9815 mp3/wma player. But you can checkout this site and ask them folks if they sell the kit only.
I was looking to upgrade my stock system with some highend stuffs. morelike I was looking for a bracket for a new alpine deck that would fit in storage compartment and accidentally found this site. I'm sure many of you find this interesting. Btw I finished my system set-up and the car sounds awesome @ approximately 1800watts total. I'll have some pictures up soon when I get my optima battery and some caps. my instrument goes crazy even at 1/2 way blasted. thought caps would cure but needed extra battery to run my system normally. Oh and I made my own bracket with a mdf and some vinyl for clean finish.
here's the link
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