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"STi V Lip" Installed on a TSX

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Seems that the "STi V Lip" is getting pretty popular for the TSX community.

What is your opinion & thoughts?

Installed on a TSX:

([email protected])

([email protected])

DIY from ClubRSX:

DIY: V-Lip - Club RSX Message Board

On Other Hondas:

On a STi:

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This lip is kinda pricey compared to the v lip lol
I bought it from seller mactuning-r1 on ebay . $60 shipped.
I can't seem to find it.
I'm only coming up with the one thats like $400
Could you provide a link :)
I can't find it anymore for $60. The same seller is now selling it for almost 400. The cheapest I found it for is $85. I wouldnt pay more than 60 since is not even oem.Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2006 2007 CS2 Urethane Front Bumper Lip Spoiler | eBay
Damn you lucky you got it for $60
Yeah $400 seems waayyyy too steep for a lip like that :ugh:

Did you have to heat it up?
I dont have an Aspec maybe that's why I'm having issues with it.
The front where it angles outward sticks out.

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I drilled a small hole on the top part of the winglet and used cable ties to secured it to the bumper.
Could you post up some close up shots of the fitment when you get a chance
1 - 5 of 192 Posts
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