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"STi V Lip" Installed on a TSX

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Seems that the "STi V Lip" is getting pretty popular for the TSX community.

What is your opinion & thoughts?

Installed on a TSX:

([email protected])

([email protected])

DIY from ClubRSX:

DIY: V-Lip - Club RSX Message Board

On Other Hondas:

On a STi:

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Curious if anyone has tried the 06-07 version? Looking to see it on an 06-08 Aspec lip.
Seems to have a raised portion in the middle that would filled in the same on our bumper. Not sure how the winglets would fit though.

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Thx for testing! More pics!
Can it be mounted further back to get rid of the gap near the front corners? I know it will require trimming of the winglets if they stick out into the wheel area.

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^ the link in the post provides the stock pics first, but the last couple pics are on a lip!
I'm going to try the winglet lip on my Euro front lip. I have a 06.

I mounted some RSX winglets on with a DIY bracket. HD lip to fill in the center but allow flex for those rubs on the parkade ramp.
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1 - 4 of 192 Posts
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