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"STi V Lip" Installed on a TSX

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Seems that the "STi V Lip" is getting pretty popular for the TSX community.

What is your opinion & thoughts?

Installed on a TSX:

([email protected])

([email protected])

DIY from ClubRSX:

DIY: V-Lip - Club RSX Message Board

On Other Hondas:

On a STi:

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Did you guys used double sided tape to install the lip?
. Not the best fit but I like the look a lot. Now I have a hardtime getting off my driveway lol.
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looks good with the 04-05 aspec front lip but i'm worried the wind will catch it and rip it clean off lol
Had mine for a couple months, it has scrapped many times and held up fine. As long as you don't go over a parking bumper you'll be fine. I used self drilling screws.
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Curious if anyone has tried the 06-07 version? Looking to see it on an 06-08 Aspec lip.
Seems to have a raised portion in the middle that would filled in the same on our bumper. Not sure how the winglets would fit though.

Installed mine today. Seems to be a perfect fit lenght wise. The middle portion fits better on a 06 aspec than the v-lip. The winglets however poke out from the sides . Unless you actually drill a hole through them into the side bumper they will poke out. I used cable ties for now and might cut the winglets in the future .

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Thx for testing! More pics!
Can it be mounted further back to get rid of the gap near the front corners? I know it will require trimming of the winglets if they stick out into the wheel area.

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I'm sure it can be mounted further back. I just used same mounting holes I had from the V-lip because I was in a rush. This lip doesn't leave that huge gap in the middle sides like the vlip. Sits perfectly flushed with the bumper. This lip didn't came with pre drilled holes like the v-lip and the packaging wasn't as good either
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This lip is kinda pricey compared to the v lip lol
I bought it from seller mactuning-r1 on ebay . $60 shipped.
I can't seem to find it.
I'm only coming up with the one thats like $400
Could you provide a link :)
I can't find it anymore for $60. The same seller is now selling it for almost 400. The cheapest I found it for is $85. I wouldnt pay more than 60 since is not even oem.Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2006 2007 CS2 Urethane Front Bumper Lip Spoiler | eBay
Damn you lucky you got it for $60
Yeah $400 seems waayyyy too steep for a lip like that :ugh:
Just check ebay regularly and wait till it goes for $60 again. Otherwise just get the V-lip. I had both and V-lip is a better has a better fitment, and comes with pre-drilled holes.
Did you have to heat it up?
I dont have an Aspec maybe that's why I'm having issues with it.
The front where it angles outward sticks out.

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I drilled a small hole on the top part of the winglet and used cable ties to secured it to the bumper.
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