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sti vlip on 06 stock bumper INSTALLED

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Havent seen one done yet. just seen it with the aspec so i thought id give it a try. the one i bought was a 06-07 sti one that cost me only 60bucks shipped. plus $6 hardware from lowes and this is the result i got. im pretty happy with it. still have to do some minor adjustments to the sides to make it even but it will do for now.

side shot

mored pics

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Hey, where did you order this from for $60? Also, I love your all black front grill. You mind telling me where you got that as well? Not a huge fan of the stock front grill on my 06' and really like this look. Thanks!
Ebay for the lip and he painted his oem grille.
for $35 you should try it and find out.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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