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Stone and Bug Deflector, bring it back??

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Hey club,

As a lot of us in the hunt may know, the deflector has clearly been discontinued. I emailed WeatherTech about possibly bringing it back and this is the response I got:

"Unfortunately at this time we don't have any future plans to reproduce the Acura TSX Stone and Bug Deflector, we have taken down your personal info and information on the item for future reference. Thank you for the interest in WeatherTech."

So either they straight lied to my gmail face orrrr they legitimately took down the info. Now for my ridiculously annoying but genius idea! If we can show them that we have enough people interested in the deflector maybe they will put it back in reproduction, therefore i say, if you want a deflector you should email WeatherTech asking if they will put it back into reproduction.

So if we can SPAM them in other words with proof that this wouldnt be a waste of their time maybe, just maybe, they can make some for us =)

Go Now!!
the email is:

[email protected]
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No emailing required, just fill out a form and submit it. Product interest is the stone and bug deflector. I chose my year for the TSX, but in the comment suggested they make one for 04 through 08.

Product Request Form | Product Request Form |

...and this is the product we're hoping WeatherTech will make.
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