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kennungesser said:
I'm getting ready to install the Tien Basics next Saturday. And I have two questions.

1: Did I lie to my wife when I said "the ride is not going to be THAT much different than stock, just a little firmer." ? I'm only going to lower it about 1.5 f/ 1.9 rear. Maybe a little more. On 18s in the summer, stock 17s in the winter.

2: Do I have to rent a spring compressor?

Thanks guys,
1. I have Tein SS, and I think Tein basic are equivalent to the Tein SS setting of 8 (from 1 to 16). On some roads, my tein feels smoother than stock...on other roads, you can tell. Firmer is the right word (as opposed to rough or hard). If ride quality is important to your wife, you might want to get Tein SS or tein flex w/ EDFC. That way, you can soften up the ride for her when she rides with you. But for the most part, everyone who has gotten Tein basics have had no complaints about the ride quality. Right now my Tein's are set to 14 in front and 12 in it's pretty stiff. It had been previously set to 1 (full soft) for my parents. It did take a couple of days to get used to it, but now I don't even notice the ride that much. I'm sure with Tein basic's, your wife probably won't complain unless she's a nitpicker or has a sensitive butt.

2. For Tein SS, some OEM parts have to be removed so that they can be re-used on the Tein's. I don't know if the basics have that issue. If so, you might want to rent a spring compressor (unless you're Mr. Heeltoe aka that case, he can do it without a spring compressor).

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My idea of a perfect setup involves a linear spring combined with a helper spring. This setup is used on certain coiliovers, in order to provide some relief from road imperfections while using a stiffer spring.

The helper spring is designed to be routinely fully compressed and becomes fully compressed as soon as the supension is loaded significantly.

The big advantage of a helper spring is a consistent spring rate under load and in some cases it also helps preload the main spring providing better predictability during mid-corner bumps.

Just my two cents from a typical "internet forum expert" with no credentials and week-end track champ (in my own mind anyway).

cheers eh!

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In short, what Lanny is saying ...

Front Springs - Straight
Rear Springs - Progressive
which interestingly enough, is how the mugen springs (for both 5-way adj and sport suspension) are.

oem springs are somewhat the opposite - fronts are semi-progressive with a couple of the bottom coils tight and the rears are linear...
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