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Alright - not sure if y’all remember my original post - but here’s the update.
I have a 2005 A/T TSX. I’ve installed skunk2 tuner series cams, skunk 2 pro series intake manifold, 80mm Sirimoto throttle body, and 550cc injectors. Also has a full cat back w/ hollowed cat.
I ordered and installed a 2007 TSX PCM (auto trans) with adapter harness. Here’s where I’m stuck. Honda and Acura cannot get the damn thing to connect to their software to program the immobilizer to get the friggin thing to start.
The only thing I can think of, is when I installed the new PCM - I didn’t get the immobilizer programmed BEFORE uploading a base tune from the Hondata flashpro. I did, however, revert it back to the base 07 stock tune through Hondata as well as unlock PCM.
Other than that - only other thing I could think of is, perhaps DLC is not connecting properly due to a loose pin from running adapter harness? I’m just so damn confused.
The only next steps I can think of is to order another PCM and install, and replace DLC connector and pins.
Help!!! 😭

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Lots going on...

So your TSX will crank but not start? The green immobolizer light is flashing in the dash cluster?

Since the 2007 auto trans ECU programmed fine with Hondata FlashPro, it is likely fine and the OBD (DLC) connector and adapter wires must be fine.

But I would open up the case and check it for corrosion or damage the next time you have the 2007 ECU out of the car.

Have you tried swapping the original 2005 ECU back in? It should work fine and fire up the engine.
With the 2005 ECU swapped in, the OBD port will not work with the 2007 OBD connector.
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