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Hello all,

Long-time lurker, back-again poster (I was more active waaaay back when I got my '04... in '03. I missed my TSX so much after I let it go that I went and got a CPO '08, Carbon Grey. Lohove it.).

I'm looking at summers for 1st-gen (I run winters), and have been hearing good things about the Continental ExtremeContact DWs, but mainly from non-TSX drivers (BMWs and other RWD fare). I'm worried they would behave differently on a FWD car. Thoughts?

What value-priced summers have you had good luck with on the TSX? I'm likely to stick with the stock wheels, so 215/50s or 225/45s is what I"m looking at. Is the Kumho Ecsta still any good? (I find that each new season has its "IT" tire: the Ecsta was it for awhile, then the Falken Azenis had it; Dunlop Direzzas... now?)
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