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I want to stiffen the roll characteristics of my TSX (leaving the rest of hte suspension alone as I do not want to affect the ride height). I understand most kits only supply a rear bar, the idea being the TSX currently understeers too much and a rear bar will correct this. My thing is, I want to not only change the yaw characteristics of the car but also the static roll. I want both a bigger rear AND front bar (this kit will probably have an even stiffer rear bar than the rear Comptech bar, for example).

Do these kits exist or am I pissing into the wind with this search? Anybody with the standard rear kit: have you noticed any difference in the car's attitude IN the turn under static load, in terms of how much roll is loaded up? I know that you will obviously experience turn-in and "RWD-like" handling characteristics and that's not what I'm interested in hearing about...

thanks for your help,
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