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Sync MP3s and Videos Between Home and Car Wirelessly

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If you want to download collections from Home PC and play in your TSX, this may work?

Digital media player for the car. 20GB hard-drive stores approximately 300 hours of digital audio content (MP3 or WMA). Includes DIN or surface mounted controller w/ LCD display, HDD cartridge & housing, wiring adapter, cables, and SimpleCenter™ software. Wireless adapter optional.

Digital Music in Your Car Wirelessly transfer CD-quality digital music, audio news and information updates from PC or Internet to Omnifi™, making it the most powerful and convenient way to play audio files while you’re on the road.

Easy to Install Omnifi™ mobile digital media player and SimpleCenter™ software supports UPnP™ (Universal Plug and Play,) which means that your Omnifi™ is easy to set up and works with other UPnP™ products.

Simple to Manage SimpleCenter™ software (media manager) can transfer hours of music to your vehicle in just minutes. Also add digital audio files to PC by “ripping” CDs into its database and organizing music into playlists (rock, classical guitar, opera, news, etc.) Optional SimpleCenter™ Service account selects customized audio information updates from our Newscenter.

Bookmark Favorite Songs Use TagIt!™ to bookmark any song and retrieve information such as artist info, album reviews, preview tracks, links to buy CD and more!
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Or you can take your ipod, or laptop and using the laptop mount on the steering wheel, you can have it sync...
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