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TAC/ TSX Meet May 31, 2003

Hello fellow TSX'ers.......just joined this club but have been looking through the Toronto Accord/TSX club and its so sweet there.

Its good to see so many TSX sites going up!!!

They have so many memebers and there is more traffic there i guess being accords too but considering the TSX is accord based Ithink it was a good idea.....I will also register and possibly join the Toronto Accord Club since it seems like a good club.......Who ever is interested in registering or joining just go to the site.......

I was checking their events and there is the first official ACCORD/ TSX meet this year and TL and CL's will be there too so many Honda made cars !!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be going for sure!!!!!

for more info on that check out thier site:

I hope to see all you fello TSX'ers out there that day since i do not want to be the only one there.

Joey Mahoney!!!!

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the meet will start at 2pm this saturday at the dave & busters parking lot at hwy 7 and hwy 400. hope to see you guys there.

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just like how vancouver accords club, have tsx club too
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