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Yeah I think I’m going to do that, Acura says they don’t hear it. Do you hear it in the video ?
It does sound like the valves need adjustment. You can tell by the consistency and rate. You won't be able to tell if they are the intake, exhaust or both until you measure their gaps.

I would recommend getting the bent feeler gauges as they make it much easier to adjust the rear (exhaust) valves. Make sure the engine is cold (let it cool overnight) and be consistent with the angle that you measure each valve's clearance. A little difference in angle will give you false friction and produce noise. I was careful but yet had to do it twice with more attention to this. The second time was the charm and got rid of residual noise. There's also a tool for adjusting valves (Alltrade 648827 10mm 7-1/2-Inch Jam Nut Valve Adjustment Tool) that makes it easier in case you don't want to use a screw driver and wrench to adjust and tighten the valves.

You usually have to have a lot of miles when your valves need adjustment but it varies greatly from car to car. I did mine at about 125k but I've heard of people having to do it as soon as 50k.
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